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Andy Spence, the founder of Cut'n'Paste

The creator Andy Spence

Cut’n’Paste is the brainchild of Andy Spence. With a long history as Park Ranger for ARC and as biosecurity officer on Waiheke Island and DoC in Wanganui.

“We are proud that Cut’n’Paste uses the lowest possible toxicity systemic herbicide to produce a highly effective tool …”  Read More >>

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A significant advantage of Cut n Paste products is their ease of use and compact nature. My confidence in Andy’s products is based on knowing that every product has been rigorously and methodically tested. The Cut n Paste team are also great to deal with - personalised service, cost effective products.

Jo Ritchie

Business Manager, Treescape

We have been stocking Cut n Paste and Bamboo Buster for the last two years, here at  Placemakers Garden Centre on Waiheke. They are very effective products, easy to use. I have used Cut’n’Paste at home on very hard to kill shrubs , such as Bouganvillea and was very impressed at how quickly it worked. We sell it very well and feel it is a well suited product to our shelves. I would not hesitate to recommend it being stocked, in any of our stores.

Geoff Willsher

Garden Centre Manager, Placemakers

I have been using Cut’n’Paste on a diverse range of environmental weeds since March 2011. I have found that cutting as close to soil level as possible and pasting with Cut’N’Paste gel has given excellent results with no lateral movement of herbicide in the ground and the company Landman Limited has given excellent customer satisfaction.

Steve Benham

Auckland Area Office - Biodiversity (Flora), Department Of Conservation (DOC)

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New Gelling Agent for Cut’n’Paste products

NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION We are very pleased to announce that Cut’n’Paste products are now using an entirely new gelling agent. The new Gel is free from the occasional liquefaction problems users have experienced caused by soil bacteria infection. The new Gel requires less effort to apply but holds better to stumps. The new Gel is more expensive to produce but this will not be reflected in our pricing schedules, which have remained stable for 5 years. We have no plans to increase our prices in the foreseeable future. Bamboo Buster, which did not suffer from liquefaction problems, will retain the original gelling agent. Our products are now even better than before.... read more

Project DeVine supported by Cut’n’Paste Weed Gels

Project De-Vine “Clearing the pest vines out of Golden Bay and around Abel Tasman National Park”   Project De-Vine held its first working bee in the Riwaka area on Saturday 31st October covering 2 properties on Dehra Doon Road. Owners, local supporters, Project De-Vine team members, Motueka High School teachers and pupils, as well as keen weedbusting supporters from around the region spent the morning dealing with over 480 banana passion or old man’s beard vines. Twenty three people split in to several groups to tackle the slopes of regenerating native trees, which also includes a long gully with large trees and a 400 year old protected matai. Chris Rowse, Project Leader says “This first working bee is to show the local population how to deal with vines by the “Cut and Paste” method and supply free bottles of gel to kill the vines on their own or other properties. The bottles and expenses are covered by our sponsors - Nelson Building Society, Motueka Community Board and Cut’n’paste - based on Waiheke Island who supplies the gel at very generous rates. We want to show landowners that it is possible to control large numbers of pest vines which often appear overwhelming. We have achieved this in Golden Bay on many properties. In conjunction with Project Janszoon, we are working around the boundaries of Abel Tasman National Park to achieve more control of pest plants.” “Large old man’s beard vines made an ideal training venue to show how to ‘cut and paste’ the vines” says Emma Steven, Project De-Vine’s Assistant Manager, who organised the working bee. “Identification to distinguish the... read more

New Cut’n’Paste Formulation – No more drips

Our new Cut’n’Paste Formulation is being released over the next couple of months. What’s new?  The Gel is newly formulated to be easier to apply.  It avoids the problem of Liquifaction that occasionally occurs with the old formulation when it became infected with soil bacteria. If you’d like to try the new formulation now order on line and specify New Cut’n’Paste... read more

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