Cut’n’Paste Roll-On Weed Gel


This is Cut’n’Paste RollOn is a green weed gel in a roller ball bottle. 110ml of convenience in your back pocket. Wherever you go you have instant weed control in your pocket. Just smear some of the concentrated gel onto a few leaves and the weed in history. Works on any weed. The larger the weed the more leaves you need to smear. So bye bye Inkweed, so long thistles, gorse is a gone burger. Not suitable as a stump paste though. You still need the Cut’n’Paste Weed Gels for that.

WARNING Designed for biocidal action.

Available in boxes of 30

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Cut’n’Paste RollOn Weed Gel.  So small and convenient it’s great to take with you anywhere to kill that one rare weed you spot on your bush inspection or for convolvulus or other leafy weeds.

SDS/Hazard Note Original weed gel

Roll-On label 2021

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