Lawn Raider Weed Gel


Cut’n’Paste Lawn Raider. A blue Weed Gel in a convenient dropper bottle for spot application to problem weeds in lawns (25g/L Glyphosate). Designed to apply very small amounts of blue dyed gel to problem weeds in your lawn. No need to get out the spray pack and mix messy chemicals. Carefully target the weeds you want to kill.

WARNING Designed for biocidal action.

Use sparingly with care on your persistent perennial lawn weeds such as docks and dandelions, wild carrot and other strongly rooted weeds. Also great for paspallam and couch grass as well as kikuyu and pampass. Rain soon after application will cause spread beyond the area of application. The herbicide in Cut’n’Paste will kill any plant into which it comes into contact with before it enters the soil. In the soil glyphosate is inactived and metabolised.

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SDS/Hazard Note Lawn Raider

Lawn Raider Label 2021

Lawn Raider is our most under appreciated products.  If you have a prize lawn or just laid a new lawn you really need Lawn Raider Weed Gel to keep on top of emergent perennial weeds and keep that lawn perfect.

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