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Lawn weeds are a thing of the past with this safe weedkiller gel for all your lawn weeds. Targeted, effective and convenient weed control. Spot application for any broadleaf weeds and problem grasses in your lawns.


Apply a small amount of the blue gel to the centre of each weed in the lawn as shown in the photo on the front label or to some leaves of problem grasses Browning off will begin within 7 days.

Handling, precautions and equipment care

You can download the hazard notes and safety sheets in the links above.

For 24 hours do not walk over treated areas or water the lawn. Use sparingly until you get to know how much you need. Avoid use if rain is expected within 24 hours as this could spread the herbicide and cause damage to lawn grasses. Because the gel does not spread through the soil it only affects treated plants and can be safely used next to desirable plants. As a precaution wear impermeable gloves.

Do not apply on crops intended for consumption by humans or animals.

Store closed in a cool dark place, away from children, pets, foodstuffs, seeds, fertilisers and pesticides. The gel will show no appreciable deterioration for at least 2 years from Date of Manufacture (DOM).

Active Ingredient

25g/L Glyphosate IPA salt CAS 38641-94-0.

EPA approval  HSR100931   Toxicity rating 9.1D  Not dangerous goods.  Link to the EPA approval decision

First Aid Measures

Ingestion: Dilute with several glasses of water. Do NOT induce vomiting.
Eye Contact: Hold eyelids apart and flush with running water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.
For advice ring 0800 764 766 National Poisons Centre.

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