2020 Cut'n'Paste Price List

Freight Charges may vary depending on your location and courier petrol surcharges.  We apologise that our prices will increase by an overall 10% on October 1st 2022 due to escalating overseas freight charges and huge increases up to 300% for our raw materials.

You can now go to Our Store to order any of our products.  We’ll get them off to you the same day if your order is received before midday.  All our products contain a dark green dye which makes identifying what you’ve done easy.  The green dye fades in 24 hours so the public are not concerned unnecessarily.  The blue dye in Lawn Raider and Glimax takes longer.

Our range of weed gels is complete for any of your weeding needs.  Whether you want glyphosate based, metsulfuron, picloram active ingredients, Cut’n’Paste has them all.  Our Organic Gel has been discontinued unfortunately due to low sales volume.

The new RollOn Gel is so convenient.  Just carry one around with you and you’re set.

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