MetGel Brush-on Metsulfuron Gel Weed Control

 MetGel Weed Gel is Safe and Easy to use and a highly targeted way to deal to the weeds that respond best to Metsulfuron such a Chinese privet, Rhamnus, Ginger, Agapanthus and Arum Lillies.  Great for those wanting to avoid Glyphosate products.  Met Gel contains a minimum of 10g/L Metsulfuron methyl. MetGel is coloured with a Blue dye to aid identification of work progress. Beware, it is ground durable and can travel through soil, especially in water, to affect other nearby plants.  Do not use near desirable plants.  Ineffective on solanaceae species like Wooley Nightshade. NOTE 12 months shelf life.

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MetGel has a 12 month recommended USE BY from the date of manufacture (DOM). Hazard rating is 9.1A and 9.2A EPA approval HSR100947 MetGel is ideal for ginger, arums, agapanthus and other plants that respond well to metsulfuron.  MetGel can be used for weed control either as a stump paste or wiped onto the underside of leaves of leafy weeds.  Plant treatment with leaf paste can take 6 months to begin to die off.  Plants which are stump treated should not regrow.  MetGel is ineffective on solanaceae species such as tobacco weed, wooly nightshade or grasses and datura.
Orders may take a little more time to produce than our other products so allow 10 working days for delivery.  Although 12 months is the use by date, the product is best used in a shorter time period.

Handling, Precautions and Equipment Care

You can download the hazard notes and safety sheets in the links above.
Metsulfuron can travel through soil in water columns affecting non target plants and care you are advised to take care not to spill or drop gel on the ground especially when used anywhere near water courses.
MetGel is recommended for professional weed control operatives. Metsulfuron will spread through the entire plant to roots. Metsulfuron can leave a very active residue in the soil, apply with care as the gel works at very low rates. MetGel can affect seed viability of vines if wiped onto abraded stems, useful for moth plants where you can’t remove the pods easily.
Normal metsulfuron safety procedures are advised. This is an example of a metsulfuron product.
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