Instructions & FAQs for Cut’n’Paste Products

Instructions and FAQs

It’s as easy as 1 2 3

  1. Cut the weed down to about 50mm above the ground (or paste the underside of some leaves) and then IMMEDIATELY

2. Take your bottle in hand and holding it upside down, gently squeeze a thick layer of gel onto the whole surface of the cut stem and some of the surrounding bark

3. Wave your weeds goodbye


PLEASE read detailed instructions for the conscientious to ensure best results from your Cut’n’Paste products.  It’s always better than reading the instructions after something hasn’t worked.

Cut’n’Paste Original is recommended for your leafy weeds that don’t have a decent stem you can Cut’n’paste. Simply apply a thin smear of gel onto the underside of a few leaves, particularly new and central leaves. This keeps the gel dry in rain and is less likely to wash off.

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Cut’n’Paste products use the lowest possible toxicity systemic herbicides.  The Glyphosate based products at 9.1D toxicity rating fall below dangerous goods classification.

Cut’n’Paste Bamboo Buster works on 99% of all known weeds. Our MetGel and Picloram products are designed for those weeds that don’t respond to Glyphosate but, although they are only very slightly more toxic, they are ground residual and can move in soil water and harm other nearby plants so much be used with care.

Our product range

Cut’n’Paste Original 120g/L Glyphosate (IPA salt) gel with 1% APG surfactants – Best for leafy weeds

Cut’n’Paste Bamboo Buster 240g/L Glyphosate (IPA salt) gel – Best for Bamboo and Shrub weeds

Cut’n’Paste Glimax 400g/L Glyphosate (IPA salt) gel – Best for large vines like OMB

Cut’n’Paste Picloram 43g/L Picloram potassium salt – Best for tough shrub and tree weeds

Cut’n’Paste MetGel 10g/L Metsulfuron methyl – Best for bulbiferous and tuberous weeds

Who uses Cut’n’Paste Weed Gels

Our gels are used throughout New Zealand from the Chathams Island to Rauol Island.  They are used by DoC, Councils, Biosecurity units, Weed Contractors, Environmental Groups, QE2 Trust and private landowners.

What time of year can Cut’n’Paste™ products be used?

All year, but are most effective in warmer weather when plants are growing quickly.  If you are vigilant you can spot when plants are growing strongly.

Will our Cut’n’Paste Glyphosate based gels affect plants nearby?

No, Glyphosate based Cut’n’Paste™gels are inactivated in the soil.  If you accidentally drop some gel onto the leaves of another plant snap the leaf off.  When used as a leaf applications apply the gels onto the underside of leaves where the plant has stomata, and avoid using when it’s going to rain as heavy rain could wash some gel off onto plants underneath.  (NB MetGel and Picloram are likely to do harm to nearby plants particularly where there is surface or soil water movement.)

How soon after cutting a trunk or stem should Cut’n’Paste™ Weed Gels be applied?

Immediately after cutting.  Sap in the plant will then carry the herbicide down into the roots most effectively as it withdraws and seals the wound. Ensure the whole cut surface is treated and some of the surrounding bark. Some small plants and shrubs with thin green bark can be killed by pasting directly onto a circle around the bark of the trunk.  Bamboo will seal its vascular system off within seconds of cutting.

How long does it take to kill weeds?

Usually a week.  Some plants are more active than others.  Allow several weeks for the full effect to take place. In cold weather or dark conditions die back will take longer.
 Plants are not born equal. Some grow quickly and some are very slow. The rate of growth will directly affect the speed of action of the gels and the amount of paste needed to have a fatal effect.  Cut’n’Paste Original, Bamboo Buster and Glimax should be effective immediately with no apparent regrowth.  MetGel may take several weeks to show an effect especially if used as a leaf treatment.

Here are a few guidelines for good results.  In dry, shady or cold conditions where plants will grow more slowly, use more paste and expect slower and less reliable results. 
When a plant has very few leaves or sticky protective sap, pasting along a short length of the stem can be more effective. 
If plants have very shiny leaves ensure good coverage of leaf areas if pasting the leaves and paste the underside of the leaves which are less waxy.  Vine plants like moth plant with pods; the pods can be rendered sterile by wiping the MetGel onto the abraded stems.

Can the brush bottles be refilled?

Yes, Cut’n’Paste™ products are available in larger bulk containers, 5 or 20L, with a high quality pump for refilling bottles. Bottles can also be bought empty for filling from your bulk supply along with replacement brushes.



Is Cut’n’Paste toxic to organisms and the environment compared to organic alternatives?

Don’t be fooled into thinking organic means less toxic or less harmful.  Some of the most toxic substances on the planet are organic.  Snake and spider venom, arsenic, cyanide to name but a few.

Most organic weedkillers are only able to burn off the foliage of pest plants.  Coconut fatty acids for instance are used in organic spays and are able to rapidly dessicate leaves but have little of no systemic effect on the root system of the plant which will regrow.  The toxicity is low for birds and mammals but quite high for aquatic invertebrates.

Not all glyphosate is created equal.  Glyphosate for spraying has to contain high quantities of detergents to break down the waxy surfaces of leaves.  This is not needed in the same quantity with Cut’n’Paste products because the gel sticks it to the plant stem or leaf.  The glyphosate in Cut’n’Paste products have been formulated to have minimal toxicity to animals and it’s mode of action means that it’s affects of soils are negligible.  The surfactants used are Alkyl polyglucosides which are much less harmful that the POEA alternatives.

MetGel and Picloram are ground residual and must be used with care.  Therefore we always recommend using our Glyphosate based gels in preference.

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