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I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and admiration for the products we have been purchasing from Cut’n’ As a long-term customer. I have found their products to be consistently exceptional, meeting and often exceeding our expectations. First and foremost the quality of the products we receive from Cut’n’paste is outstanding, and has taken out the hard work dealing with weeds, I mean how easy can painting the paste on the weed and stumps of woolley nightshade and walking away, its that easy. And with And’s Cut’n’paste, I can focus on other things at work rather than spending hours getting rid of thse pesky weeds, turning hard work into easy. Thanks Andy, Your products are our go-to for weed control. Sincerely Waiheke Arborist and Treecare Ltd.

Waiheke Arborist & Tree Care

Cut ‘n’ Paste is such a neat local invention. A safe no-spray means of dealing with tough invasive weeds. I wouldn’t be without it.

Michael Lee


Massive fan and really appreciate the work that you guys do. I personally have seen some amazing work cut’n’paste can do in our reserves. It’s a great tool in our toolbox, And we use it every day at work.


I am writing this to say very many thanks for inventing “Bamboo Buster ” cut n paste , it has worked wonders on my bamboo patch and saved me so much time and effort, I had this huge patch of black stemmed bamboo which was just marching across the garden and moving to the underneath of the house, now I just have little tufts which show up every so often, it has taken a couple of years but it is such a relief to not have to worry about it any longer. Many thanks for inventing such a great product



Effective revegetation work on Waiheke would have been impossible without Cut’n’Paste products that deal selectively and in a cost-efficient way to the range of invasive weed species that the neighbourhood conservation groups encounter on our island.

Pam Oliver

Conservation group founder

Godfrey Pest Management Ltd are environmental contractors in the South Island. We use a multiplicity of methodologies for our weed control operations. Cut n Paste is a key product that has enabled us to target our operations and reduce herbicide dependence by the low volume applications. The diverse product range has us covered and we have a very good working relationship with this innovative supplier. Good products, good service and good support, a contractor couldn’t ask for more ….

Wayne Godfrey

Environment Management, Godfrey Pest Management Ltd

We have been stocking Cut n Paste and Bamboo Buster for the last [12] years, here at  Placemakers Garden Centre on Waiheke. They are very effective products, easy to use. I have used Cut’n’Paste at home on very hard to kill shrubs , such as Bouganvillea and was very impressed at how quickly it worked. We sell it very well and feel it is a well suited product to our shelves. I would not hesitate to recommend it being stocked, in any of our stores.

Geoff Willsher

Past Manager of Waiheke Placemakers Garden Centre, Placemakers t/a Sticklands Waiheke

I have been using Cut’n’Paste on a diverse range of environmental weeds since March 2011. I have found that cutting as close to soil level as possible and pasting with Cut’N’Paste gel has given excellent results with no lateral movement of herbicide in the ground and the company Landman Limited has given excellent customer satisfaction.

Steve Benham

Auckland Area Office - Biodiversity (Flora), Department Of Conservation (DOC)

Cut N Paste gel was my weed weapon of choice for over 4 years on the front line of pest plant control on Waiheke Island, one of the world’s weediest places. Eradicating woody weeds (gorse, wooly nightshade, wild ginger) demands surgical strikes not blanket bombings. CnP means you apply the herbicide sparingly where it counts – on a freshly cut stump so it can be absorbed down with the sap to kill the weed at its base and prevent re-sprouting (Believe me, they all re-sprout!) Your garden, your lifestyle block is ideally suited for this type of targeted, effective herbicide application.

David Baigent


Thanks Andy. We’re down in Christchurch – we do enjoy using the product – the consistency is great for working with volunteers, no messy paste everywhere! And it definitely does the job with some of the tough weeds we work with, including banana passionfruit, old mans beard, boneseed, spur valerian and more!

Donna Lusby

Conservation Coordinator, Conservation Volunteers New Zealand | Te Ohu Tiaki Taiao o Aotearoa

Just a few words about your Picloram product. We were using a product from another supplier with mixed results when we read about your gel. Since we have started using it we have had immediate success killing weed trees and stumps. Would recommend it, we have used it on Privet and can now walk away confident another tree will die,not like the other gel we used. It’s nice to buy a product that will do what it says on the label.

Dennis Clements

Operations Manager, Total Tree Care in Te Awamutu

A significant advantage of Cut n Paste products is their ease of use and compact nature. My confidence in Andy’s products is based on knowing that every product has been rigorously and methodically tested. The Cut n Paste team are also great to deal with – personalised service, cost effective products.

Jo Ritchie

Business Manager, Treescape

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