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 We are continually working to improve our product range.  The days of wholesale spraying are over.  We need to work smarter and weed gels are the answer.  Put the herbicide where it belongs, in the weed.

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DoC recommends Cut’n’Paste

Home About Home/ Weeds/ Weeds can teach you a lot Weeds can teach you a lot Department of Conservation —  13/12/2016 — Leave a comment By Anna Elwarth, Community Ranger. The Hilltop School Weedbuster Story Tackling a reserve of weeds with 80 pairs of young energetic...

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Cut’n’Paste product changes

We are in the process of relabelling and combining two of our products. The Shrub and Tree and Paste’n’Waste will be combined as Cut’n’Paste Original. The new gel formulation makes is uneccessary to have two separate products as the formulation...

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Hi Andy Just to say that volunteers are loving the Cut n paste….they feel so much more secure with this product than spray bottles. You probably realize that Weed Action has made its first purchase from you. Thanks for the initial free start...

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Old Man’s Beard and Cut’n’Paste

We would love to hear from you if you have had good success with Cut’n’Paste products on Old Man’s Beard.  One of our customers would like some information and hopefully someone out there will have it? Please let us know on...

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Happy Customer comment

Thanks for the great prompt service – hopefully all my friends that I tell about you have been ordering from you too. I love your products and won’t use anything else in my garden. Thank you   With kind regards  Melanie Carroll   SPECIAL PROJECTS...

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Organic Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel PRESS RELEASE

Headline: Organic weed killer developed on Waiheke   As a former Whakanewha Regional Park ranger, Onetangi resident Andy Spence knows a bit about the tenacity and nuisance value of weeds. He is also aware of many people’s concerns about toxic weed sprays. He has...

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Cut’n’Paste is 6 today

Six years ago Andy Spence started LandMan Limited and the production of the first batches of Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel original. Now with 8 products on the market and covering the whole of New Zealand the business is up and running well.  A good shot in the arm...

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Cut’n’Paste RollsOn with RollOn Gel

Now you can carry your weed control in your back pocket.  With Cut’n’Paste RollOn Weed Gel.  Just roll on some of our weed gel to a few leaves of any of your leafy weeds and they are gone burgers.  Just a smear is all you need and watch those huge ink...

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New Gelling Agent for Cut’n’Paste products

NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION We are very pleased to announce that Cut’n’Paste products are now using an entirely new gelling agent. The new Gel is free from the occasional liquefaction problems users have experienced caused by soil bacteria infection. The new Gel requires...

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New Cut’n’Paste Formulation – No more drips

Our new Cut’n’Paste Formulation is being released over the next couple of months. What’s new?  The Gel is newly formulated to be easier to apply.  It avoids the problem of Liquifaction that occasionally occurs with the old formulation when it became...

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Weed BioControl Newletter

The link below takes you to the new LandCare Research Weed BioControl Newsletter.  Very interesting reading on the new ways of conduction weed control.  We are always in favour of finding new ways to control weeds. Bio control Issue 73...

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