Bamboo Buster Cut'n'Paste

You wanted to be able to get everything with one gel. Well now you should be able to. This is the strongest glyphosate-based weed gel on the market with 400g/L of Glyphosate IPA salt (no surfactant to keep toxicity to a minimum). It’s guaranteed to take glyphosate to the next level of effectiveness. Designed for professional users who need to ensure the job gets done with no returns needed.

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We all know that Glyphosate is the best herbicide to use for almost any project and being generic is can deal to grass weeds too, no swapping around.  One product to do all.  At this concentration, there are very few weeds that can withstand it. Article about Glyphosate resistant plants in NZ

Ideal for tough vines like Old Man’s Beard and things with small stems where you need to get the maximum herbicide into the system with limited available plant tissue to absorb it.  The photos show how the gel holds to the cut end of a Japanese honeysuckle vine against a whiteywood tree.

Because we have no surfactant in the product those possible harmful effects on geckos are avoided and the gel’s toxicity is kept to an absolute minimum.  Of course this is vital when you’re working in sensitive conservation situations and with environmentally conscious customers.  We have just a blue dye in this one to make it stand out in those situations where you are hunting through bush to find those pesky vines. Our new red bottle caps stand out in the bush if you drop them.

It’s a bit more expensive than our other products but then you’d expect that for something this effective.  Available as always in our 450ml bottles with the brush tops but you can also get 250ml bottles to refill from 5, 10 or 20L bulk containers with our great pumps.

We are always happy to talk to you about your particular project so see if we can help you out with any discount for being a regular customer.  If you’re a conservation group we offer discounts.  We understand conservation work and environmental restoration and give a personal service that you won’t find with big business.


As with all our products it’s vital to apply the gel as soon as possible after cutting.  For vines, because the stem area is so small, take care to make a horizontal cut that will hold the gel in place better to ensure the maximum penetration of the active ingredient into the plants vascular system.  If applied to scarfed stems there is a good chance of success if the scarf is large enough and phloem tissue is exposed.

EPA approval HSR100766.   WARNING. Designed for Biocidal Action.  Very toxic to the aquatic environment, and because of the concentration of glyphosate in the gel, do not use next to a waterway and avoid the gel getting into waterways.

Cut’n’Paste Glimax Professional Weed Gel turns the game in your favour.

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