What is Cut’n’Paste?



Safe and Easy to use, Cut‘n’Paste Weed Gels are the No Spray Way.  Weed Gels are targeted, they just go where you put them, to be Hard on your Weeds and Kind to Our Environment and Your Health.  Cut‘n’Paste Brush on Gels are used by Councils and DOC and professional landscapers nationwide, and are available at most NZ Garden Centres and Farm Shops. The brush applicator makes your weed control convenient, safe and easy to use.

“We highly recommend Cut’n’Paste and are very proud that Andy developed it on Waiheke Island. Results are fantastic. the cost is extremely competitive, and it is better for the environment than comparable products.”

“A significant advantage of Cut’n’Paste products is their ease of use and compact nature. My confidence in Andy’s products is based on knowing that every product has been rigorously and methodically tested. The Cut n Paste team are also great to deal with – personalised service, cost effective products.”
Jo Ritchie from Treescape
Business Manager Environmental

Cut’n’Paste weed control is the brainchild of Andy Spence. Andy has a long history as Park Ranger for ARC and as biosecurity officer on Waiheke Island and DoC in Wanganui. See his profile at LinkedIn.

Your Weed Control is now as easy as 1 2 3

  1. Cut the weed down to about 50mm above the ground

2. Take your bottle in hand and holding it upside down, gently squeeze a thick layer of gel onto the whole surface of the cut                            stem and some of the surrounding bark

3. Wave your weeds goodbye


PLEASE read detailed instructions for the conscientious to ensure best results from your Cut’n’Paste Weed Control Products.  It’s always better than reading the instructions after something hasn’t worked.

Cut’n’Paste is also very effective weed control for small leafy weeds. Simply apply a thin smear of Paste’n’Waste Weed Gel onto theunderside of a few leaves, particularly new and central leaves. This keeps the gel dry in rain and is less likely to wash off.

Cut’n’Paste for the lowest possible toxicity systemic weed control that money can buy!  At 9.1D toxicity rating it falls below dangerous goods classification.

Cut’n’Paste Shrub and Tree (120g/L glyphosate) and Cut’n’Paste Bamboo Buster (240g/L glyphosate) give effective weed control on 99% of all known weeds.

Cut’n’Paste MetGel (10g/L metsulfuron) is highly effective on Ginger and Agapanthus used as a stump paste, as well as other hard to kill shrubs like Chinese privet and rhamus

Cut’n’Paste RollOn is Paste’n’Waste in a small 110ml roll-on bottle so you can have murder in your back packet when you go for your walk in the bush block or garden.

Cut’n’Paste Picloram Weed Gel follows on from other earlier gels.  Just right for those that must have the picloram active ingredient.

Cut’n’Paste Nature Gel is made from all Organic ingredients for those that can’t use the other alternatives.

What time of year can Cut’n’Paste ™ be used?

All year, but it is most effective in warmer weather when plants are growing quickly.  If you are vigilant you can spot when plants are growing strongly.

Will Cut’n’Paste affect plants nearby?

No, the Cut’n’Paste™ glyphosate or organic based gels are inactivated in the soil.  If you accidentally drop some gel onto the leaves of another plant snap the leaf off. Paint on the underside of leaves and avoid using when it’s going to rain as heavy rain could wash some gel off onto plants underneath.

Gels with Metsulfuron or Picloram are very effective but are ground residual for several months when they enter the soil.  You should not use these near sensitive plants that might have roots nearby.

How soon after cutting a trunk or stem should Cut’n’Paste™ be applied?

Immediately after cutting.  Never delay application for more than a few seconds.  Sap in the plant will then carry the herbicide down into the roots most effectively as it withdraws and seals the wound. Ensure the whole cut surface is treated and some of the surrounding bark. Some small plants and shrubs with thin green bark can be killed by pasting directly onto a circle around the bark of the trunk.  It’s always best to work in a team of two or three so that one cuts, one pastes and one clears away the debris.

How long does Cut’n’Paste™ take to kill weeds?

Some plants are more active than others.  Allow several weeks for the full effect to take place. In cold weather or dark conditions die back will take longer.
 Plants are not born equal. Some grow quickly and some are very slow. The rate of growth will directly affect the speed of action of Cut’n’Paste and the amount of paste needed to have effect.  Normally you paste the stump and that’s it, no more growth.  CnP Paste’n’Waste used on leaves takes about a week for noticeable effects.

Here are a few guidelines for good weed control results.  In dry, shady or cold conditions where plants will grow more slowly, use more paste and expect slower and less reliable results. 
When a plant has very few leaves or sticky protective sap, pasting along a length of the stem can be more effective. 
If pasting the leaves, always paste the underside of leaves.

Can I reuse the bottles?

Cut’n’Paste products are always refillable.  We sell in 5 and 20L containers for refill.  You buy a pump with your first order and reuse the pumps too.  To remove the red brush tops for refilling, just use a small short but sharp knife to flick the red caps off away from me over a sink so you don’t lose them.  Make sure you have a good hold on the bottle of Cut’n’Paste and the knife so you can be firm about it.  It pays to give them a clean up before you replace them after refilling.  You can order new replacement tops too as well as empty bottles for refilling.   Please rinse out empty bottles before reusing them to remove any bacteria which can effect the gelling agent.

Wandering jew: Apply Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel 120 at 16g per square metre over the foliage using a paint roller or similar making sure the foliage has been completely flattened during application.

Disposal of Empty Containers

All our plastic containers are made from Type 2 recyclable plastics

For this reason once triple rinsed they are suitable for placing in recycling.

To triple rinse use a small amount of water at each rinsing.  About 50mls for the 450ml bottles and about 500mls or less for the 5, 10 or 20L jerry cans.

If you have spraying to do you can save the rinse water for use in spray tanks.

The first and second rinse water is still effective as a herbicide and not recommended to flush to drains if you need to dispose of the rinse water simply place in a sealed container and dispose to landfill in your general rubbish collection.  Alternatively these small quantities of rinse water particularly from the glyphosate based gels can safely be poured onto permeable areas away from vegetation for disposal to ground without harming vegetation.  This should not be areas where you want to plant into within 6 months when disposing of rinse water from Picloram or Metsulfuron based gels

The third or subsequent rinses can be disposed to drains because the dilution factor renders it harmless to the environment.

We recommend that you remove labels on the 5, 10 and 20L containers and that they are cut and folded as recycling centres sometime reject plastic that they suspect may be hazardous.

CutnPaste Full Product Range

Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel is Safe and Easy to Use.

Cut‘n’Paste brush on gel is used by DOC, and is available at most good Garden Centres. The brush applicator makes it convenient, safe and easy to use.

The silver bullet of weed control! See all our products below …

Shrub and Tree Weeds (The Original Cut’n’Paste)

Shrub and Tree Weeds
(The Original Cut’n’Paste)

Convenient and targeted for shrub and tree weeds. No spray – paste and waste your stumps away!

Full Info and Instructions here >>

Bamboo Buster

Bamboo Buster

Safe weedkiller gel. No spray. Designed for bamboo but also great for privets and other coppicing shrubs and trees.

Full Info and Instructions here >>



MetGel Brush-on Metsulfuron Gel Weed Control Cut'n'Paste


MetGel is CutnPaste’s latest product.  As always, Safe and Easy to use and a highly targeted way to deal to the weeds that respond best to Metsulfuron such a Chinese privet, Rhamnus, Ginger and more.

Full Info and Instructions here >>




MetGel Brush-on Metsulfuron Gel Weed Control Cut'n'Paste


Cut’n’Paste Picloram Weed Gel (43g/L Picloram potassium salt) for woody shrub species, such as privet, evergreen buckthorn and barberry.

Full Info and Instructions here >>




MetGel Brush-on Metsulfuron Gel Weed Control Cut'n'Paste


Super Strength Glyphosate Weedkiller Gel. Convenient and targeted for vines and exceptionally tough weeds.

Full Info and Instructions here >>




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