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Picloram Gel is a thick green Weed Gel herbicide to kill Shrub Weeds. It has a low toxicity to animals. Very effective on tough weeds species like Chinese privet and cotoneaster as well as gorse, barberry and moth plant.  Picloram will however translocate through the soil in wet conditions and should be used with discretion near sensitive plants with closely associated root systems. This uses the potassium salt of Picloram, Information on toxicity etc. It disturbs the plant’s growth causing the death of the plant.  (We recommend using out Glyphosate products where possible to avoid any negative effects on soil organisms and other nearby plants.)

Most commonly used as a Stump paint applied to the freshly cut stump of the target plants. Like all our products because they are in a gel form they are safe to use and highly targeted reducing the effects on the environment.

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  • Picloram Gel is a Green gel available in single bottles, 5, 10 and 20L Jerry Cans.  Box rates apply on 12 or more bottles.
  • Picloram Gel has a 2 year recommended shelf life from the date of manufacture. WARNING Skin Sensitisation Category 1.  Hazardous to soil Orgnisms. EPA approval HSR101073. Not Dangerous Goods
  • And our standard order form applies
  • The link to the order form is Order Form
  • Please allow one week for delivery.  Picloram can travel through soil in water columns affecting non target plants and you are advised to take great care to avoid spillage when used anywhere near water courses.  Not recommended for use in the vicinity of other valued trees, shrubs or plants because of the possibility of soil movement of the Picloram from the treated plants.
  • Normal Picloram safety procedures are advised.
  • Purchase Orders by email to sales@cutnpaste.co.nz
  • If you have any questions or comments please contact info@cutnpaste.co.nz

SDS/Hazard Note Picloram Gel (PDF)

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