Shrub and Tree Weeds, The Original Cut'n'Paste

Convenient and targeted for shrub and tree weeds. No spray – paste and waste your stumps away!


Make a horizontal cut through your tree or shrub very close to the base. Immediately apply a thick layer of gel as in the photo. The gel will soon be drawn into the plant’s root system and seals the cut. Most plants will show no regrowth. Any regrowth should simple be retreated. For gorse and other more highly coppicing plants such as Chinese privet, use Bamboo Buster. For herbaceous weeds use Paste and Waste leaf gel.

Handling, precautions and equipment care

You can download the hazard notes and safety sheets in the links above.

The gel won’t travel through soil to affect untreated plants. It’s sensible to use disposable gloves when applying. Avoid using on rainy days to reduce the risk of runoff. Clean the brush top after use to remove gel and plant debris and replace the cap. The empty container can be recycled. Cut’n’Paste is ideal for weeds in reveg plantings, riparian areas, close to sensitive plants etc. No need to spray and risk your health or your other plants. Do not apply on or around food intended for humans or animals.


In the closed original container in a cool dark place away from children, pets, foodstuffs, seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. Kept as recommended the gel should show no deterioration for two years from the date of manufacture (DOM).

Active Ingredient

Glyphosate IPA CAS 38641-94-0 EPA approval HSR100736 Hazard rating 9.1D (Not dangerous goods).

First Aid Measures

Skin and clothes contact – wash thoroughly.
Ingestion: Dilute with several glasses of water. DO NOT induce vomiting. For advice ring 0800 764 766 National Poisons Centre.
Eye Contact: Hold eyelids apart and flush with running water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.

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