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Cut’n’Paste Original Weed Gel is very safe, convenient and easy to use. With Cut’n’Paste you target your weed control and no spray drift. An effective weedkiller when and where you want it, the silver bullet of weed control. Great for freshly cut stumps and also great for leafy weeds to wipe onto the underside of leaves.

With the brush top applicator cutting and pasting is a doddle. Cut’n’Paste is the best priced weed gel – Great value for money.

Cut’n’Paste is used by DoC and councils NZ wide, Treescape, Line Companies and many other contractors.  Sold at good garden centres throughout NZ.

Cut’n’Paste supports many conservation efforts around New Zealand

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SDS/Hazard Note Original weed gel

Cut’n’Paste Original Label 2022

Its as easy as 1 2 3

1. Cut the weed down to about 50mm above the ground

2. Take your bottle in hand and holding it upside down, gently squeeze a layer of the green gel onto the whole surface of the cut stem and some of the surrounding bark

3. Wave your weeds goodbye

Paste immediately after cutting for best effect.

For Leafy Weeds

1. Grab a pair of plastic gloves to make it easier and safer to apply to leaves.

2. Wipe onto the UNDERSIDE of some of the growing leaders of your leafy weeds by holding the leaf in one hand and wiping on with the brush in the other hand.

3. Say goodbye to your weeds. Watch them die away over the next week or two. Works for great big leafy weeds like boneseed and inkweed!

What weeds can you deal to? The list is almost endless. Don’t confuse Cut’n’Paste with Roundup Gel. Roundup Gel is designed to kill the weeds in your garden path. Cut’n’Paste has 16 times more active ingredients and will also kill your gorse, agapanthus, and ginger, the list is endless. And at 3 times as much in the bottle it’s 30 times the value for money.  If you need a stronger mix for something like gorse or privet, use our Bamboo Buster Weed Gel.

But these ones are some of the prime suspects that we want to say goodbye to –

Ivy, Willows, Lantana, Convulvulus, Boneseed, Boxthorn, Inkweed, Convulvulus, Oxalis, …….. With Cut’n’Paste it’s never been so easy.

WARNING Designed for biocidal action.

If the stems are large cut the weed or tree down to ground level and immediately paste the stump with a 3mm layer of Cut’n’Paste™. Hold the bottle upside down, squeeze some of the gel onto the brush and gently apply to the cut stem. The plant will absorb the herbicide which will then spread through the plant and kill the roots. If the plant is small, the stem can just be snapped and the paste applied into the snapped plant material and it will be absorbed in this way. Creeping and spreading weeds can be controlled without risk to surrounding plants and without digging out difficult root systems. When stems are small best results on all weeds are obtained by pasting the leaves or greenery.

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