This photo shows how Glyphosate Gels can be used for hard-to-kill weeds like this, what was a huge, agave, next to plants that you want to keep, without harming them or the soil. This spiky agave was becoming a nuisance, taking over the world and with a single dose of Glimax is now dead and rotting away. This done with no harm at all to the Yukka behind it or the other rockery plants whose roots are right beside the agave. The glyphosate active ingredient stays in the roots of the agave without travelling through the soil to nearby plants. Only glyphosate can be used so safely. A No touch approach to weed control makes the use of herbicides safe for the operator and the environment.

The dead treated agave plants is rotting down. It has it’s roots right next to the yucca and other rockery plants.

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