Cut’n’Paste Weed Gels GO GREEN

Yes.  We’ve give in to pressure and requests from customers for a marker dye in our products.  All our Cut’n’Paste products are now dyed and will now contain a vivid bright green dye that is visible enough to users to know where they have been but not so that it offends the eye of passers by.  So now you’ll be able to see where you have been easily. BUT. THE BIG BUT is - Don’t go cutting ahead and then come back and paste paste paste.  The product says Cut and Paste not Cut Cut Cut Cut then Paste Paste Paste Paste.  Even a few seconds delay in applying the paste makes a difference to success rates and the plants uptake of the active ingredient in the gel.  You have been warned. All the best with the...

New Pricing for Cut’n’Paste products

We have made substantial reductions to the bulk price of our Original 120g/L Glyphosate Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel to make them an attractive alternative to our 240g/L Bamboo Buster Glyphosate Gel Our Organic Gel has also dropped substantially in price.  We have however raised the bulk prices of our Picloram Gel in response to the cost of manufacturing. Thank you for your custom. Regards the Cut’n’Paste...
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