Bamboo Buster Weed Gel


Bamboo Buster is designed to tackle those toughest of all weeds, Bamboo.

Bamboo Buster is also great on all those very tough woody weeds like Chinese privet, tree privet, Rhamnus alternus (evergreen buckthorn), willow, gorse, barberry, hawthorn and other vigorous coppicing shrub weeds and trees.

There are over 1000 species of Bamboo in existence. Some spread like wildfire and are much more of a problem weed than others and whilst many are not in New Zealand there are a great number of different types that cause problems for landowners.

Clumping varieties in general cause less problems than those with long underground rhizomes that can spread rapidly damaging decks, water tanks, concrete paths etc. They are often very hard to get rid of. Bamboo Buster has been trialled on a number of different species with very satisfactory results. Some species may require several follow up treatments until all vigour has gone from the root systems and no more shoots reappear. Where deformed new growth appears from old stumps cut and paste the leaves of the many little stems. There are other more toxic methods of killing bamboo, some of which are more immediately effective but they have long term residual effects on the soil and other plants nearby. Bamboo Buster gives you the ability to tackly your bamboo without spoiling your soil.

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