Six years ago Andy Spence started LandMan Limited and the production of the first batches of Cut’n’Paste Weed Gel original.

Now with 8 products on the market and covering the whole of New Zealand the business is up and running well.  A good shot in the arm for NZ home grown industry.


Cut'n'Paste Organic Gel

Cut’n’Paste Organic Gel

Our new Organic Weed Gel is now available but only to those using it in the workplace not to the general public.

CUT N PASTE ORGANIC WEED GEL  Targeted & Convenient and NZ Made

Caution – harmful eye & skin corrosive  Contents 450ml

Approved for use in the workplace only.  Available by purchase order for approved users.

Although less effective than our non-organic herbicide gels it is ideal for those that require a product made from natural ingredients

Directions: Application must be thorough to achieve good results. The gel is a stump treatment and must be liberally applied immediately after cutting a tree or shrub weed stump close to the ground. Apply several times as the gel is absorbed into the stump. Repeat treatments may be necessary. Applied to leaves it will not be systemic and only treated leaves will be affected. Rinse the brush top after use to remove dirt and excess gel. Refill from bulk supply or recycle the container after triple rinsing.

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Handling, precautions and equipment care: Miniumum PPE Goggles and gloves. Acetic acid can be very corrosive in contact with eyes and skin. It is a clear gel with a sharp pungent odour. Avoid breathing in the acrid fumes when working near newly applied gel.

Salt is ground residual. You are advised to take care when using large quantities next to desirable or known sensitive native plants or in areas where their roots might extend. The gel is highly unpalatable and unattractive to animals.

Storage: Kept in tightly closed original container in a cool dark secured location with signage away from children and pets, the gel will show no appreciable deterioration for at least two years from the (DOM).

Do not apply on or around food or animal feed crops or areas to be grazed by animals.

Active IngredientS:

30% Acetic Acid (Vinegar)

200g/kg Sodium Chloride Common table salt

Hazard classes. 6.1D, 6.9B, 8.1A, 8.2C, 8.3A, 9.1D

HSR No. 101105 Transport DGLQ 1L plus

First Aid Measures:

Eye Contact – May be very corrosive. Hold eyelids apart and flush with running water until all irritation or stinging stops. Seek medical advice if prolonged irritation occurs.
Skin contact – Wash with plain water. Remove and wash soiled clothing.
Ingestion – dilute with several glasses of water. Do NOT induce vomiting.

For advice ring 0800 764 766 National Poisons Centre.


Patent Pending 711041


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