G’day Andy.

Nice to hear from you and to hear of your new products. I enjoy using your product and tidying our special wetland of the nasty weeds. The volunteers are happy and safe using your product. As you have already seen I have added many pictures to our facebook page of the volunteers using your bamboo buster (www.faceboook.com/sinclairwetlands). It is great to be able to support a local product and I have encouraged my boss at my other job to make the switch from Vigilant to Cut “n” Paste and have just ordered a 5L of bamboo buster on behalf of “Penguin Place- Dunedin” – your email and discount code came at perfect timing, as I was encouraging them to trial your products.
I team your cut n paste up with bumbags custom built by “cactus equipment” in Christchurch, they sponsored us with 10 of the bags to assist our effort to maintain Sinclair Wetlands – perhaps you might like to spread the word to other customers… they make a great way of housing secateurs and they fit your bottles well for hands free navigation.
If you would also be interested in sponsoring Sinclair Wetlands with some products it would be great to hear from you.
Keep up the good work and all the best.
Many thanks
Glen Riley
Sinclair Wetlands

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