Jon Terry (left) & Peter Russell (right) using Cut N Paste on Matiu (Somes Island) in September 2016.  They were targeting, Karo, boxthorn, pohutukawa, Pseudopanax hybrids (P. crassifolium x P. lessonii), tree mallow and holly-leaved Senecio.  “They’re not native here.  And they were completely taking over the native vegetation.  It’s common practice in these parts to control them, at least on islands and other conservation sites.”

They are from Aotearoa Biodiversity Co.  The photographer was Lynda McGrory Ward

Sometimes Cut’n’Paste gets quite a workout!  

Aotearoa Biodiversity Company hard at work with Cut'n'Paste on Somes Island

Aotearoa Biodiversity Company hard at work on Somes Island

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