Environmentally sound, highly effective weed control

Environmentally sound, highly effective weed control

Safe and Easy to use, Cut‘n’Paste is the silver bullet of weed control. Cut‘n’Paste brush on gel is used by DOC, and is available at most good Garden Centres. The brush applicator makes it convenient, safe and easy to use. “We highly recommend Cut ‘N’ Paste and are...

Bamboo Buster is here

Now you can buy the new Bamboo Buster on line. It is recommended that you use Bamboo Buster for some of the other really tough weeds such ad Chinese privet, acmena and gorse that tend to coppice heavily.

Cut’n’Paste on Youtube

We are building up a substantial library of videos on our Cut’n’Paste YouTube channel, that may be of practical help in understanding the products and what they are good for. Please have a look around.

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