Cut’n’Paste Original Replaces Shrub and Tree and Paste’n’Waste

With our new gelling agents we have been able to combine Shrub and Tree Weed Gel and Paste’n’Waste Weed Gel into one product which we are calling our Cut’n’Paste Original.

Our new gelling agent allows us to produce a product that not only holds well to stumps but also wipes easily onto the underside of leafy weeds like Oxalis and Bindweed.

Now you only need to buy one product, now that’s good news

Of course we also continue with our double strength Bamboo Buster double strength glyphosate based weed gel as well as our MetGel and Picloram Gel.

So many great products to make weeding easier and safer for you and the environment.


Cut'n'Paste Original Weed Gel is all you need for weeding

Cut’n’Paste Original Weed Gel Label

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